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Registered Charity Number: 1090457

About the charity

First Light South West provides crisis and recovery support to around 11,000 individuals each year effected by domestic abuse and sexual violence living in Devon, Cornwall and Wiltshire.

How the £40,000 grant will help

The additional funding will support First Light to establish an Educate & Prevent Training venture. We will never turn the tide on people turning to First Light and other charities for support unless we begin to address societal and behaviour change. Funding will take our knowledge, skills and expertise out to sector professionals, further education settings, and into communities across the South West. Over the next two years, we will work with, educate and train 94 people; who will reach and support over 4,200 individuals and families impacted by domestic abuse and sexual violence. Together we can create a safer South West, free of violence and abuse.


“With this donation, we will educate our communities around healthy relationships and sexual consent to start to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence in the first instance. We would like to thank Movement For Good for joining our vision to create a South West, where we can all live free of violence and abuse.”

Lyn Gooding, Chief Executive, First Light South West

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