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Registered Charity Number: 1193374

About the charity

To ensure people of African, Caribbean and Asian heritage have equal access, feel included and have a SAFE and quality experience in, on and around the water.

What our grant will help to fund

The grant will change the lives of young people of African, Caribbean and Asian heritage in the South East who have little to no swimming ability, have missed the opportunity to swim in school due to COVID-19 and who are at risk of expulsion.

What our pilot initiative provides is a space for 16 young people to grow as competent swimmers and grow as capable individuals. This funding will ensure our participants will:

  • Learn of the dangers of open water and the water safety code
  • Leave the programme having reached their full aquatic potential, meaning they feel comfortable and connected with the water
  • Understand and feel empowered to pursue opportunities within the world of aquatics
  • Feel confident and competent to undertake water sports and activities in a safe and supervised environment
  • Build a CV that includes these new skills that they have acquired.

This initiative will also act as a mentoring scheme, where participants will have the opportunity to receive mentoring from peer mentors and BSA mentors, which will offer guidance, support and strengthen the relationship between them and the aquatic sector.

Finally, the initiative will offer access to a range of new career pathways for our participants, which will enrich their introduction into the world of aquatics: from careers workshops to having access to global brands and creative agencies. The initiative will broaden their horizons of opportunities in the wider world of sport and physical activity.

“We are extremely thrilled and grateful to receive funding from Movement for Good. Being safe in and around water is a right that we believe everyone should enjoy, regardless of one’s race or background.’’

Seren Jones, Co-Founder, Black Swimming Association

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