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About the charity

The Cathedrals’ Workshop Fellowship raises money to fund the education and training of skilled heritage craftspeople and delivers its own University level course in historic building conservation and repair.

What our grant will help to fund

We are hugely grateful to the Benefact Group for their award of £20,000 as part of their Movement for Good Awards programme. This funding will enable us to create and deliver a brand new, game-changing module entitled ‘Historic Building Sustainability and Eco-Build’ which will form part of the existing Cathedrals’ Workshop Fellowship (CWF) Foundation degree programme and will also be offered as a stand-alone short course to building conservation professionals.

Despite the Church of England’s 2030 Net Zero target, training in architectural conservation, stonemasonry and related building crafts does not currently include sustainable and eco build content in the curriculum. The new CWF module will address this shortfall, providing an urgently needed education programme for people working at site level.

The module aims to increase understanding of sustainable building pathology by craftspeople undertaking conservation and restoration of historic buildings in the cathedral environment, with subject matter ranging from planning considerations to sustainable materials and energy creation.

The course will benefit participants and organisations on a national scale, attracting site staff in 42 cathedrals and other national heritage organisations. It will equip the next generation of craftspeople with vital knowledge, which will allow them to care for our historic buildings so that they can remain open for years to come.

“This funding will enable us to create a brand new, game-changing module for our Foundation degree course entitled ‘Historic Building Sustainability and Eco-Build’ and to offer this not only to our own students but also more widely as a stand-alone short course for building conservation professionals.”

Frances Cambrook, Executive Director, Cathedrals’ Workshop Fellowship

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