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About the Charity

Forum for the Future is a registered charity and non-profit organisation that works in partnership with business, government and civil society to accelerate the shift toward a sustainable future.

What our grant will help to fund

Growing our Future is a collaborative project led by Forum for the Future to accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture in the UK, supporting the needs of farmers, consumers and retailers.

Growing our Future is working towards a vision of a UK farming system which is regenerative and just is a more resilient and thriving agriculture system, which helps to contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions, healthier food and ecosystems for generations.

This project will test innovative pre-competitive partnerships and approaches to help to provide proof points that show that the change we need is possible, providing a path for others to follow.

This grant will help enable farmers to share their perspective, by compensating them for their time, and allow findings to be effectively disseminated to the wider farming community.

“‘Forum for the Future believes that mainstreaming just and regenerative farming practices is key to creating a resilient and flourishing agriculture sector; one that produces fewer carbon emissions, healthier, more affordable food, and thriving ecosystems. Our Growing our Future initiative is dedicated to accelerating the UK transition to regenerative agriculture in ways that meet the diverse needs of farmers, consumers, and retailers. To do this, we need to engage a wide spectrum of stakeholders and this grant will not only help us enable farmers to share their perspective, by compensating them for their time, but also to effectively share the initiative’s insights and findings throughout the farming community.”

Sophie Robins, Principal Change Designer, Forum for the Future

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