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Registered Charity Number: 1187992

About the Charity

Heal Rewilding’s mission is to raise money, build land and rewild it, creating spaces where nature and people can thrive.

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What our grant will help to fund

Heal’s name is its vision: heal the land, heal nature, heal ourselves. Through involvement with Heal, individuals and businesses are becoming part of a new movement taking direct action to bring back nature through rewilding and to combat climate change.

Biodiversity loss in the UK is continuing at a shocking rate, with 41% of species in decline since 1970 and nearly a thousand species threatened with extinction. Urbanisation continues to disconnect people from the nature which they are part. Climate change increasingly threatens life itself. Benefact Group’s generous contributions are enabling us to welcome more visitors to our first site, 460-acres of ecologically depleted land in Somerset.

By resourcing corporate visitors and volunteers we will benefit both them and our work. All our visitors will spend time in nature, which we know has positive effects on people’s health and wellbeing. We will also foster a sense of connection and engagement, inspiring people to become advocates for rewilding and feel empowered to make change. This will lead to increased awareness, funding, and long-term sustainability for our first rewilding site and those to come, ensuring the preservation of safe spaces for nature in the UK, for ourselves and future generations.

“We are absolutely delighted to be granted this further support from Benefact Group. Heal’s mission is to take direct action to bring back nature and to combat climate change through rewilding, and also to provide free-to-access space for visitors to spend time in nature, already happening in our first 460-acre nature reserve in Somerset, which opened this summer and which will become a stronghold for wildlife as it recovers. The Benefact grant will be used to support corporate visitors and volunteers at the site, benefiting both them and our work. The impact will be to increase the number of people who spend quality time in nature, positively affecting their wellbeing, their sense of connection and their engagement with nature. People will leave as advocates for rewilding, feeling able to make change where they live. It will also generate vital revenue for Heal Somerset.”

Jan Stannard, Chair of Trustees, Heal Rewilding

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