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About the Charity

Kids’ Own is a children’s arts organisation and publishing house that connects children and their communities with professional artists through a range of projects, giving visibility and status to children’s voices, artwork and writing within mainstream culture.

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What our grant will help to fund

This project will facilitate a positive intercultural exchange between communities of Ukrainian children and local children in Co Donegal, resulting in a book publication. This project will bring families from Ukrainian and Irish communities together in a creative project over 8 weeks. Alongside Kids’ Own artists and writers, they will engage in an arts project, creating artwork and text together.

Kids’ Own will process, edit, and design the artwork and voices into a book that is authentically child-led and centred, and that meaningfully reflects their lives and voices, and what it means to live together in newly multicultural communities. The resulting multilingual book will be disseminated widely to schools regionally and nationally, reaching thousands of Ukrainian and other children across Ireland.

“Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership believes that every child has the right to meaningful engagement with the arts and a right to express themselves fully and creatively. Kids’ Own is honoured to have received funding from Movement for Good for a new creative project, which will result in a new book publication created with Ukrainian and Irish communities, providing children with the opportunity to share their stories and creative voices. This book will have relevance for many children and different communities all over Ireland, and we look forward to sharing this work widely.”

Ciara Gallagher, CEO and Creative Director, Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership

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