National Centre for Youth Mental Health CLG

Registered Charity Number: 20064846

About the Charity

We are Jigsaw, the youth mental health charity, and our mission is to achieve better mental health outcomes for young people (Aged 12 – 25) by delivering therapeutic services, promoting youth mental health and mobilising community and societal change.

What our grant will help to fund

Jigsaws current model can support just 67% of Ireland’s youth population – but with the help of Movement for Good, we can reach 100%. We will utilise technology to create a Streamlined Access Point into Jigsaw, which will facilitate better, singular access to a greater suite of mental health services for young people, regardless of their geographical location or economic means.

This project will realise better mental health outcomes by offering:

  • 7+ digital service offerings and in doing so, reduce the burden on our in-person teams.
  • increased capacity, with a target to grow 49% by the end of 2024 (to 49,850 sessions offered)
  • reduce waitlist for first appointment by approx. 60% (from current average 1,800 weeks to 720)

‘We are so genuinely delighted to be have been awarded a Movement for Good Grant. This wonderful support will ensure that we can best utilise technology to provide access to a greater suite of mental health services for young people (aged 12-25) in rural or isolated communities across Ireland. Ensuring that Jigsaw will be there when young people when they need us regardless of their geographical location’.

Justin McDermott, Fundraising Manager, Jigsaw

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