National Operatic & Dramatic Association

Registered Charity Number: 1171216

About the charity

NODA supports the promotion, education and development of amateur theatre across the UK.

What our grant will help to fund

The project will develop a UK-wide research-led strategy to increase youth participation in theatre and the arts. Participation in theatre is proven to aid children’s language and communication skills and enable physical and emotional development. By supporting local groups across the UK, including in rural areas with limited access to mainstream larger theatres to develop a youth theatre platform, it will give children access to arts from an early age.

We will facilitate theatre themed workshops, drawing from communities across the country and with the support of theatre practitioners to understand the requirements and limitations of taking part in theatre. Areas that we will target include those that have a low arts engagement – traditionally areas of low socio-economic deprivation and then work together in creating a lasting strategy that will not only benefit the children involved but future generations.

‘‘Our strategy is designed to reach those rural and remote areas, where the nearest theatre is miles away or inner-city locations faced with stretched resources. With theatre, young people can find themselves a retreat from the pressures of growing up and by joining, or even just experiencing a theatre group, can be the difference between a positive or a negative future. We are passionate about the opportunities and sense of community that theatre can provide.

Ian G. Cox, Chairman of Trustees, NODA

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