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Registered Charity Number: 1079764

About the Charity

Founded in 1980 by Cardinal Basil Hume and The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, The Passage is based in the heart of Westminster, providing practical support and a wide range of services to help transform the lives of people experiencing , or at risk of experiencing street homelessness.

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What our grant will help to fund

To end homelessness for good, we believe that careers, not just jobs, are the best way for someone to sustain their new home. The Passage’s Employment service has been designed for people that have or are experiencing homelessness as well as those at risk, or in insecure housing. It provides bespoke support, skills development, and career opportunities to help people to achieve their ambitions at varying points on their journey back into employment. This enables recovery and progression at a speed that is best for each person and ensures support is focused at every level, not just on people who are deemed ‘work-ready.’

The Digital Inclusion project funded by the Movement for Good programme will empower individuals with digital literacy. The training, co-produced with service users, will enable 25 Passage clients to access digital equipment and attend non-traditional digital training; and will help 50 clients to learn digital life-skills and gain employment. More broadly it will widen digital access to people experiencing homelessness, improving their understanding, and giving more optimism about their career pathway.

The Benefact Group’s support for this project will exemplify the positive impact that corporate partnerships can have in addressing societal challenges and fostering inclusion.

“We are very grateful to receive this generous Movement for Good grant from the Benefact Group which will support our innovative employment digital inclusion programme. This project empowers individuals by improving and upskilling their digital literacy, thereby increasing their opportunities to secure meaningful employment and a way out of homelessness.”

Mick Clarke, CEO, Passage 2000

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