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About the charity

Quaker Social Action helps people on low incomes in east London and across the UK to seek solutions to the issues affecting their lives.

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What our grant will help fund

The grant from Movement for Good will support Quaker Social Action’s Down to Earth team, which helps people across the UK who are struggling with funeral costs. The average cost of a funeral in the UK now stands at over £4,000, according to research by SunLife.

There are two sides to Down to Earth’s work:

  • Firstly, the team provides a helpline service for anyone faced with organising a funeral who is struggling with the cost. Down to Earth provides over 600 people per year with a full casework service, for example helping them to consider options, save money by obtaining and comparing quotes from funeral directors, and/or raise money from statutory or charitable sources
  • Secondly, Down to Earth carries out campaigning and influencing work, seeking to improve the experience of people living on low incomes who are faced with the cost of a funeral. For example we played a part in bringing about new rules for funeral directors about displaying clear prices for their services, online and in branch; and we have helped bring about some improvements in funeral-related state benefits (for those who qualify) and are campaigning for the value of these to be further increased.

“Quaker Social Action works with people living on low incomes in east London and across the UK, helping them to seek solutions to issues affecting their lives.  The grant from Movement for Good will support our Down to Earth service, which helps people who are struggling with funeral costs.  Each year our Down to Earth helpline supports many hundreds of people to arrange a more affordable funeral, through reducing the cost, and/or raising money towards it.  Down to Earth also carries out campaigning work to tackle the root causes of funeral poverty.”

Peter Christmas, Head of fundraising and communications, QSA

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