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The Black Swimming Association

Registered Charity Number: 1193374

About the Charity

To ensure people of African, Caribbean and Asian heritage in the UK have equal access and experience a SAFE and quality experience in, on and around the water.

What our grant will help to fund

The BSA will use the funding to inform and educate KS3 & 4 pupils about the potential for harm in and around water, increase their knowledge and provide an environment where we can challenge behaviours, understand the pressures that they face, and through experiential learning to co-create a set of learning resources that we can, in conjunction with partners from both the education and water safety sectors, look to get embedded into the school system.

This new programme presents an opportunity to think differently, use existing insight, progress positively and create a new approach, we propose to start this journey of development, discovery and delivery based on the need to provide an “intervention” to slow and ultimately stop needless deaths in water (someone drowns every 20 hrs in the UK).

The water safety community does a wonderful job in Primary level education, however little or no activity is allocated to Secondary pupils, who we know will be those most likely to succumb to peer pressure, poor decision making, who have little appreciation of consequences of actions, and for some the impact of alcohol / and or drugs.

“With the help of Movement for Good, we aim to continue and sustain our ‘Together We Can ©”initiative across the UK, to ensure that young people who were impacted by the disruption of COVID-19; who have little to no swimming ability; and who are at risk of expulsion are given the opportunity to be water safe.”

Seren Jones, Co-Founder, The Black Swimming Association

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