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The Daniel Spargo Mabbs Foundation

Registered Charity Number: 1158921

About the Charity

The Daniel Spargo-Mabbs is a drug education charity working with young people, parents, carers and professionals to support young people to make safer choices about drugs.

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What our grant will help to fund

Our Movement for Good grant will ‘fund the fundraiser’ for a year, covering the salary of a new part time community and corporate fundraiser post. The DSM Foundation has experienced rapid growth right from the start, with the demand for our drug education programme and resources constantly gaining momentum across the UK, and our national profile and influence ever strengthening. This will be our first fundraiser, and it will enable us to create a more sustainable future for the charity beyond this first year, creating a stronger and broader funding base, and maintaining an income that can keep up with demand and need for growth. Their main role will be to develop community fundraising initiatives, pitch to other corporates and maintain relationships with our current funders and donors.

We anticipate work undertaken in this first year will not only bring income that will cover the costs of the post itself and more – enabling us to fund workshops for around 14,000 students, or performances of our play for 3,000 young people – but also plant seeds, through building and nurturing relationships, that will bear future fruit, growing into income that we hope will keep increasing year on year.

“I started our drug education charity, the Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation, in response to the death of my 16-year-old son Dan from ecstasy, out of a passionate commitment to do all I could to stop any harm happening to anyone else’s child from drugs. In the ten years since Dan died, we have become established as a leading drug education charity, our work with young people, parents, carers and professionals has spread rapidly across the UK, and our influence on policy and practice across the wider sector has grown ever stronger. This has, of course, placed ever-increasing pressure on our resources in order to meet demand, and so we’re incredibly grateful for the generous grant we have received Movement for Good grant, which we’ll use to fund our first fundraiser post. This will create a stronger and broader funding base, building a sustainable income that can keep up with demand and need for growth, and enabling us to reach ever more young people and families with life-saving drug education.”

Fiona Spargo Mabbs, Founder, The Daniel Spargo Mabbs Foundation

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