Registered Charity Number: 1190443

About the charity

YANA provides mental health support to those involved in agriculture and rural businesses who work or live in East Anglia.

What our grant will help to fund

This funding will help to improve mental health and prevent loss of life through suicide for those involved with agriculture in East Anglia.

Specifically it will enable us to train a further 36 people as Mental Health First Aiders. By training people who are directly involved with agriculture, we are ensuring the sector is able to better take care of itself. Feedback shows us that on average, four people are supported in the first 6 months of one person being trained. That’s around 190 people positively affected within the first 6 months.

The confidence and knowledge gained last a life time, so the actual number will be much higher.

Empowering people to have conversations about mental health in their everyday lives helps to reduce stigma and improve mental health, preventing people from experiencing worsening mental health, and at times, loss of life through suicide.

YANA provides a confidential helpline and funded counselling for those involved in agriculture in East Anglia. Alongside this vital support, we grow our team of Mental Health First Aiders ensuring there are skilled people who are able to support people on a day-to-day basis.

“This grant will enable us to train more people as Mental Health First Aiders, building their confidence and knowledge of mental health. As people learn how to notice if someone is struggling, how to have conversations about it, and how to support the individual to seek appropriate help, they are able to offer support to colleagues, family, friends and clients. This support often prevents worsening mental health, and at times, prevents the loss of life through suicide.”

Emma Haley, Charity Manager, YANA

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