Fundraising Resources

We know that raising those all-important funds for your charity isn’t always easy – it requires continual effort and investment. That’s why we want to offer practical support and guidance to help you fundraise successfully. Whether you are a volunteer, charity CEO, or seasoned professional fundraiser, we hope our resources will help make your charity’s strategy simpler and more successful.

Four steps for successful fundraising

  1. 1

    The fundraising plan

    A fundraising plan is key to establishing – both internally and externally – whether or not you can generate the income to deliver your proposed services.

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  2. 2

    Researching potential donors and funders

    Identifying relevant donors and funders appropriate to your cause is key. Knowing where to start helps, but knowing where to go next – finding new funding sources – is essential for sustainable fundraising.

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  3. 3

    Successful grant applications and building a strong case for support

    Grants can be a great source of fundraising income. A successful grant application has a persuasive pitch, watertight reasoning and crafts the perfect case for why someone should financially support your charity.

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  4. 4

    Outputs, outcomes and impact reporting

    Defining the outputs, outcomes and the impact is essential to any fundraising strategy and vital to making clear funding applications. Our best practice guidance will help you to get your approach right – first time.

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Fundraising webinars

Access free charity fundraising webinars produced in collaboration with the Directory of Social Change, offering expert views to help guide you through the current fundraising environment.

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Charity Sector reports

Exploring key issues in the world of charity and fundraising with research and expert commentary.

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Fundraising templates

Useful blueprints to help with your fundraising plans.

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Case Studies

See how our support and resources are helping charities like yours.