Your fundraising message in current times

Fundraising is ineffective when it’s a one-way process.

To be successful, you need to understand the audience and communicate the right information to tap into the potential donor or supporter’s needs and motivations. Before asking for support, you need to understand the motivations of a potential donor or funder so that it’s a mutually beneficial experience to get the ‘yes’. The webinar focuses on:

  • The current times we are operating in.
  • Understanding the motivations and needs of donors/funders.
  • Delivering the right message; the case for why someone should support your organisation.
  • How to communicate the impact of the gift, the difference it will make and who will benefit.

Fundraising has certainly been changing during the COVID-19 pandemic and this session will share some current thoughts.

Webinar speaker

Gill Jolly, Director of Achieve Consultants Ltd and Associate Trainer with Directory of Social Change

Gill, Director of Achieve Consultants Ltd, is a charity professional with an extensive and proven track record in fundraising, training and charity management. She is passionate about helping organisations and individuals achieve their full potential in terms of securing income and growing funding streams.

Gill is well known across the sector having worked for over 30 years with many different charities as well as a trainer and speaker at regional, national and international conferences. She works for organisations in the voluntary and community sector on a consultancy basis as well as undertaking interim roles at a senior level. She is also an Associate Trainer with DSC.

She writes widely and has contributed to a number of books as well as being heavily involved with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising having initially helped develop the fundraising certificate and diploma qualifications. She herself has the Diploma in Fundraising and was awarded a Fellowship by the Chartered Institute of Fundraising several years ago in recognition of her contribution to fundraising.

Gill Jolly Director of Acheive Consultants Ltd

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