Digital Fundraising; More questions than answers?

Watch our recorded Q&A digital fundraising webinar where your questions are answered by an expert panel.

Previous fundraising webinars really highlighted the interest in digital fundraising and some of the questions charities have around this topic. Why and how being the broad questions, but there were many more challenging questions given to our panellists to answer.

Working with Directory of Social Change we brought together an expert panel who answered the questions on all things digital.


Our panellists included:

Nick Day; DSC Associate and Managing Director at MailMax Ltd

Besides his role at MailMax Nick also delivers training for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he lectures for the Oxford College of Marketing and works with small and large charities to get their digital fundraising off the ground.


Gill Jolly; DSC Associate and Director at Achieve Consultants Ltd

Gill has a wealth of experience in most aspects of fundraising and is able to apply key fundraising principles in the digital context. Here she gives her three considerations for organisations considering their step into digital fundraising.


Veronica McBain, Head of Fundraising and Lottery at St Barnabas Hospice

Veronica shares stories of success in digital fundraising and what she thinks were the critical success factors. As well as being a full time fundraiser, Veronica is a Trustee of the Hospice Income Generation Network so is well placed to answer your questions from the fundraiser’s perspective.


Alex Coleridge, Co-founder at GiveStar

A co-founder of a digital fundraising platform, Alex has a wealth of experience in the field. In this webinar, he shares insights into the key trends in digital fundraising.